Perdiz Hunting in Argentina

The Parana Sunrise Lodge is the premier Perdiz hunting destination in South America. We have entertained and satisfied adventurous outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world! Our Perdiz, dove, and duck hunts are nothing less than phenomenal!

Argentina’s most treasured fowl, The Perdiz, is a species of partridge that thrives around grasslands and open fields. Perdiz frequently move about in small groups of two, and a successful hunt depends on the magnified sense of smell of a well-trained bird dog. Our highly experienced Perdiz hunting guides have an excellent rapport with their Pointers, so you’re guaranteed an exciting and bountiful hunt every time. Parana Sunrise’s exclusive hunting fields provide Perdiz hunts in rich pasture lands located close to the lodge.

The Spotted Tinamou, the more common species of Perdiz, is such an exciting bird to hunt because of its tendency to burst forth unexpectedly, creating shooting opportunities that challenge the skills of even the most seasoned hunter. This smart little fellow prefers to hunker down and hide when frightened, and will even try to walk away from danger before taking to the air. That’s where the wet, prying nose of a canine comes in handy.

You will be in awe of the numbers of Perdiz and dove you will hunt in our private shooting areas. Parana Sunrise offers mixed-bag wingshooting and fishing, all from our first class location right on the majestic Parana River! With our exclusive hunting areas located in such close proximity to the lodge, you’ll spend less time traveling and more time enjoying everything the land has to offer.

Many of our clients prefer to combine Wingshooting and Golden Dorado Fishing with our great Cast and Blast program. The ease with which you will be able to switch from hunting to fishing is too great a temptation to pass up. Being located right beside the river means zero time is wasted packing up the gear or traveling miles to a good fishing spot.

Also, remember that while you’re here, you will be staying in our newly remodeled luxurious lodge facility. Relax in the lounge area and enjoy a beverage after a long day of hunting and fishing. If you need a bit more to unwind all you need to do is take a soak in our new hot tub and you’ll feel good as new.

Just remember that Perdiz season is open from May 1st through July 15th during our Mixed-Bag Season if you’re interested in adding an exhilarating Perdiz Hunt to your bucket list!


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