Nohere in Argentina will you find more opportunities to enjoy High-Volume, Unlimited Dove Shooting than at the Parana Sunrise Hunting and Fishing Lodge, situated on the banks of the mighty, World Famous Parana River in Argentina.

In Argentina, the Spanish word for dove is “Paloma”. These cousins to the American Dove thrive in South America by the tens of millions, and are considered a problem species by the government as they devour over an estimated 30% of the local farmer’s seeds and grains. The excessive dove population is the reason for a year-round season with unlimited bag limits for these proliferating birds. In addition, the enormous dove population does not migrate, it only populates. This combination of circumstance makes the area the most highly coveted dove shooting location in the entire world! Conservationists estimate the number of birds in the area at around 20 million at any given moment! Our guests enjoy non-stop shooting action while our expert bird boys will have you loaded so fast you won’t get a break in the action.

In our dove fields it’s normal to shoot more than 1000 shells per day, and currently the province of Santa Fe has a larger population of doves than the province of Córdoba, where in recent years the population of doves has decreased significantly.

Among the many advantages the Parana Sunrise Lodge has over other resorts, the one we are most proud of is the fact that we also provide our clientele with world class Golden Dorado fishing right here on our property.

The beauty of being located directly on the Parana River is, we deliver a Cast and Blast or Mix-Bag experience like no other in South America, and one that you won’t soon forget. With barely any travel time required to switch between activities, you and your guests will spend more of your precious vacation time hunting, fishing, and enjoying all of the amenities the lodge has to offer.

Choose the program that best suits your preferences (Mix-Bag or Cast & Blast), and leave the rest in our hands. We guarantee that once you experience Parana Sunrise Lodge, you will want to repeat the experience!

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