From Buenos Aires, Aerolineas Argentinas and SOL Lineas Aereas provide flights to Santa Fe. The short commercial flight from Buenos Aires to Santa Fe is about an hour in duration and affordably priced. There are also private charter companies that provide air transportation to Santa Fe. It is always a good idea to review available flight options prior to booking your trip to Parana Sunrise. Many of our guests enjoy staying a night or two in the beautiful and historic city of Buenos Aires prior to arriving and/or upon returning from Santa Fe. For flight schedules and airfare on Aerolineas Argentinas and SOL Lineas Aereas check their websites (be sure to verify the currency of the airfare displayed, i.e. AR Pesos vs USD. Aerolineas Argentinas (a Delta Airline Partner) – SOL Lineas Aereas – Also, is a good resource for flights to Santa Fe and international flights. We are happy to assist you in making flight arrangements by putting you in touch with a professional travel agent that is highly experienced in arranging international travel to/from Argentina and domestic travel within Argentina. The travel agent also can provide travel insurance if desired.

The official currency of Argentina is the Argentine Peso (ARS). In Buenos Aires, the US Dollar (USD) is widely accepted at many establishments. Currency can be exchanged in most banks and exchange companies (casas de cambio) located throughout Buenos Aires and at the airport. Many hotels also exchange currency for their guests. There are also ATMs located all over the city. Travel Cheques are accepted in some establishments, but are typically not accepted outside of Buenos Aires. Also, some establishments will accept major credit cards. To check the official exchange rate of USD to ARS visit a currency exchange site such as The Money Converter.

Keep in mind that Santa Fe Province is located in the southern hemisphere and its seasons are opposite of the U.S. The winter months of June-August are typically mild and dry with the summer months December-March being generally hot and humid. You can see current weather conditions and forecasts, along with seasonal averages online at or your favorite weather site.

At the time of booking, a 50% non-refundable deposit of the cost is required to reserve your trip. The remaining 50% balance is due and payable 90 days prior to your scheduled arrival. Reservations made within 90 days of arrival are due 100% at the time of booking. We accept cash payments via wire transfer, personal checks (U.S. banks), *debit cards and *major credit cards for booking reservations. (* processing fees apply) Cancellation Policy: In the event you must cancel your reservation, if it is cancelled a minimum of 90 days prior to your scheduled arrival, you will have twelve (12) months from the arrival date of your original reservation to reschedule your reservation and your deposit will be applied to your new reservation without penalty. In the event that you cancel your reservation within less than 90 days of your scheduled arrival, your deposit is non-refundable and may not be applied to a future reservation.

At the lodge, we accept only cash (USD) and personal checks drawn on a U.S. bank ( a surcharge of 3% will be added to checks for processing).

Yes. We have a professional masseuse on call and can schedule massage appointments. The cost of the massage is added to your lodge bill and paid prior to your departure.

You will need a valid Passport with a minimum of six (6) months remaining before expiration. We suggest packing a photocopy of your Passport separately from your original documents.

As of January 2015, gun entry into Argentina has become highly complicated. We advise our customers not to attempt gun entry and to simply rent a gun directly from our lodge.
Call with any questions.

Many guests do purchase trip insurance to provide coverage of unforeseen circumstances. Many companies issue trip insurance policies. We are happy to refer you to a trip insurance issuing company.

Depending on the time of year you have booked, bring lighter weight clothing for the summer season and for the colder months we suggest warmer, layered clothing that can be removed. For duck hunting and fishing, we recommend breathable waders, breathable shirts, and fast drying pants. A jacket is recommended for early morning expeditions, fishing from the boats, and during the colder months. Headwear is also recommended to protect you from the sun and other weather conditions. Sunglasses are essential and we recommend polarized lenses. Sunblock/lotion is also essential. A shoulder pad to protect from recoil is recommended for hunting. The lodge is very casual and you will just need comfortable clothes to wear after your daily hunting or fishing expeditions. Though we have some waders available at Parana Sunrise, we highly encourage you to bring your personal waders for proper fit and comfort. If you intend to fly fish, you will need to bring your personal fly gear. This equipment is usually easy to transport. We recommend a #6, #7, or #8 fast action rod with 30lb test line with a steel leader of 6-7ft in length with a tippet of OX. Both floating and sinking line is recommended.

At Parana Sunrise Lodge, we can accommodate up to sixteen (16) guests in a total of six single rooms and five double rooms. If your group is larger than sixteen (16) people, we can arrange additional bedding or accommodations in a nearby lodge and continue to provide your group our services. We can also accommodate solo hunters/anglers by combining them with a group.

Unfortunately, Argentina currently does not allow the export of small game, i.e. ducks, perdiz, doves.