Anglers around the world consider Golden Dorado fishing one of the most exciting types of freshwater sport fishing. Parana Sunrise Lodge offers the ultimate fishing program in Argentina where you can fight the mighty Golden Dorado or reel in huge Surubies (South American Catfish) or teethy piranha!

Thanks to its temper and veracity when feeding, the Golden Dorado is nicknamed “The Tiger of the Rivers.”

It’s fighting strength and acrobatic jumps will challenge every angler’s skills! We fish for Golden Dorado using any of the following techniques: artificial fly, bait casting, spinning, or trolling. The Golden Dorado can be captured in the “rapids” of the islands of the Parana River when passing near San Javier, in the province of Santa Fe.

Many of our clients combine Golden Dorado Fishing and wing shooting through our popular Cast & Blast program.

Fishing dorado

Golden Dorado fishing is considered as one of the most exciting and exhilarating types of freshwater sport fishing in the world! The Golden Dorado, nicknamed “The Tiger of the Rivers,” is the most beautiful fish that inhabits the waters of the Parana River. The Parana River together with its wetlands contains over 220 species of fish, making it one of the greatest environments of biodiversity on earth.

We fish the Golden Dorado in the “rapids” of the islands of the river using angling techniques including fly fishing, bait casting, spin casting, and trolling with bait. Once hooked, your challenge is in landing the fish due to its intense fighting strength and acrobatic jumps. There is no other freshwater species as combative as the Golden Dorado! At Parana Sunrise, our professional fishing guides, the most experienced in the region, have been guiding international anglers for years. Our fast boats are specifically designed for casting; combined with the expertise of our guides, your fishing trip will be an unparalleled experience!

Parana Sunrise offers sport fishing for Golden Dorado year-round, although the best months are from October through March when the quantities of Golden Dorado are more abundant. During these months and with adequate water temperature, it is normal to have between 15-30 fishing peaks per day (of course, factors such as meteorological conditions and the rises of the river may impact the number of peaks).

Choose the program that best suits your preferences (Mix-Bag, Cast & Blast or Fishing), and leave the rest in our hands. We guarantee that once you experience Parana Sunrise Lodge, you will want to repeat the experience!.

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