Your Guide to Dove Shooting in Argentina

For a wingshooting enthusiast, there are few things more fast-paced and engaging than dove shooting – especially when the sky offers a steady stream of birds. You can probably picture it: You’re positioned with shotgun ready and your eyes on the sky. You shoulder your...

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What’s It Like to Fish for Golden Dorado in Argentina?

Picture the scene: you’re floating down a sprawling, meandering river in the heart of Argentina. The wind is blowing just enough to cool your face as you scan along the banks of the Parana for your prey: an elusive and spirited fish that anglers from all over the...

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Fishing the Famed Golden Dorado in Argentina

There is a wealth of opportunity for an avid angler to have unforgettable adventures. This includes one of the best angling opportunities you’ll ever have: fishing the prized Golden Dorado in Argentina.
Here’s what you need to know about this fish and some tips on catching this mighty fish!

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