For a wingshooting enthusiast, there are few things more fast-paced and engaging than dove shooting – especially when the sky offers a steady stream of birds.

You can probably picture it: You’re positioned with shotgun ready and your eyes on the sky. You shoulder your gun, aim and fire. Your adrenaline takes over and you lose yourself in the hunt as you get into rhythm. Rinse and repeat for hours – that’s dove shooting at its finest.

One of the favorite adventures we offer at Parana Sunrise Lodge is high-volume dove shooting. Our luxury hunting lodge offers the best dove shooting in the world, because of our prime location and its mindboggling number of doves – around 20 million at any given time. The unlimited bag limits allow a unique wingshooting experience.

We can offer this adventure because of the excessive dove population in this region. These doves don’t migrate and mostly remain in the area to proliferate. Doves are considered a nuisance to local farmers and the country’s grain industry – the Argentinean government estimates doves consume as much as a third of local farmers’ grain and seeds – so there’s no bag limit.

Parana Sunrise Lodge

Our lodge is located in the Province of Santa Fe, which is a short flight away from Buenos Aires. Santa Fe is in the Parana delta and is at the epicenter of the area’s bird population, giving you access to the best hunting locations.

Also, the Parana River in the Santa Fe area is home to the famed Golden Dorado fish species, a prized trophy fish for anglers from all over the world. Which means we offer the unique opportunity for multiple adventures in one trip.

You’ll be impressed by the scenery along the banks of the Parana. It really is a beautiful place, and the weather is impeccable. So no matter when you come, you’ll be treated to a pleasurable shooting experience in mild, comfortable weather.

The Right Equipment for This Kind of Wingshooting

When we take guests out for a hunt, we take pride in supplying excellent shotguns for this type of shooting. We supply Beretta and Benelli 12-gauge and 20-gauge, with all guns cleaned before every session.

High-volume dove hunting is a fast-paced sport, and the doves are small, fast-moving targets.

Given the fast-paced nature of the hunt, and how often you’ll be firing, we make sure you will have plenty of ammo available.

What Makes Argentina Dove Hunting Special?

The natural year-round bird population is what makes the Argentina dove experience so unique. In fact, there are many who travel to Argentina to challenge the daily dove shoot record of 15,000-plus birds. While we don’t guarantee that to every guest, we can boast what has been described as a “river of birds” offering a constant stream of dove to shoot to your heart’s content.

Of course, the other aspect of dove hunting that wingshooters enjoy is the camaraderie and relaxing atmosphere of this fun sport. When you combine that with our first-class accommodations, meals, and amenities at Parana Sunrise Lodge, you’re in for a travel adventure that’s hard to beat.

Book Your Argentina Dove Hunting Trip Today

Every year, hunters from all over make the trek to our luxury lodge along the beautiful Parana River for world-class dove hunting.

This all-inclusive trip includes not just a stay in our lodge, but also delicious chef-created cuisine along with a variety of excellent wines, beers and local spirits.

If you’re interested, contact us to book today. You haven’t been wingshooting until you’ve experienced dove shooting with Parana Sunrise Lodge. It’ll be a dove experience you’ll never forget.