Picture the scene: you’re floating down a sprawling, meandering river in the heart of Argentina. The wind is blowing just enough to cool your face as you scan along the banks of the Parana for your prey: an elusive and spirited fish that anglers from all over the world desire.

That’s when you see a swirl of water and cast toward your target: the Golden Dorado.

Fishing for this highly-prized game fish along the tributaries and canals of the Parana River in Argentina is one of the most sought-after experiences for serious anglers. The spirit, fight, and strength of the Dorado – not to mention their brilliant golden sheen – make for a top-notch fishing experience that can’t be matched anywhere else.

But capturing this prize isn’t easy. Spotting one requires a keen set of eyes and knowing where to look.

Dorado are expert hunters. They lie in wait among the reeds and brush that border the river, preparing to feed on smaller fish. When we take our guests down the river in search of Dorado, we tell them to focus on opportunities where the land meets the water. That’s not the only place in the river they’ll feed, but it’s a good place to start if you want to get them on topwater.

A Different Kind of Fishing

You have to be proactive, even aggressive, to find and land a Golden Dorado. An expedition down the Parana definitely isn’t a time to drop a line and relax. You’ll keep active and focused as you go, because we want to put you on as many fish as possible.

Once hooked, you can expect the Dorado to put up a fight – their fighting spirit is a big reason why sportsmen flock to Argentina to catch them. You won’t be disappointed in the challenge, that’s for sure. When a Dorado hits, you set the hook hard and high. They can easily throw your hook if you’re not at the top of your game, but our guides are experts at sharing techniques that work for experienced anglers and novices alike.

Golden Dorado fishing in Argentina is a rewarding experience for any angler. And the best way to appreciate that experience is to actually do it – which is why we invite you to our luxury fishing lodge along the Parana.

With skill, perseverance and the advantage of our expert local guides, you, too, will boast your own Dorado as you enjoy the beautiful river. And you’ll learn first-hand exactly why anglers all over the world pursue this exciting experience.